ALLie Home 8MP Day/Night IR 360° Dual Lens Spherical VR Camera

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  • ALLie Home 8MP Day/Night IR 360° Dual Lens Spherical VR Camera - The VR Pros

ALLie Home 8MP Day/Night IR 360° Dual Lens Spherical VR Camera

10 in stock
  • ALLie Home 8MP Day/Night IR 360° Dual Lens Spherical VR Camera 

    Two back-to-back fisheye lenses provide the 8MP Day/Night IR 360° Dual Lens Spherical VR Camera from ALLie Cam with 360° x 360° vision for complete surveillance. The spherical camera contains two 8MP image sensors, each with a 2.8mm fixed lens that offers a 188° field of view. When monitoring panned video feeds, these fields of view are combined and the additional 8° (of the 180°) allows for seamless image overlapping so that there are no blind spots. Furthermore, 10 IR LEDs provide night vision, enabling you to use the camera in dark rooms.

    The ALLie Cam has 24/7 live streaming to YouTube integration. 

    An integrated microphone and speaker offer two-way audio for using the camera to communicate with those you are monitoring. You can view the video feed from anywhere in the world and store recordings to your smartphone or tablet using the company's mobile application. The application also enables digital zoom and pan which can be achieved by swiping your finger across the screen or by tilting the device to activate the gyroscopic motion sensor. Additionally, recording and playback are available through the company's ALLieCAM Cloud storage (subscription required).

    ALLie for business. 


    Entertainers can LIVE STREAM their events in clear 360° on YouTube.


    Your customers can share their special events with friends and family, live streaming occasions in 360° x 360° video all over the world!


    Parents can stay connected to their children even when they can't be there.


    Take the lead in the real estate industry and use ALLie to host virtual open houses by live streaming in 360° x 360° video. Buyers can use their phone, tablet or computer to navigate around the rooms with no blind spots.


    Bring your customers on a VR, fully immersive journey with ALLie's LIVE STREAM or cloud capabilities!


    See it All
    ALLie home monitoring dual 360 premium lens camera allows you to navigate across and around your home in the immersive video image without blind spots or ever missing a thing.

    View From Floor-to-ceiling Corner-to-corner
    ALLie simultaneously captures 360deg. vertically and 360deg. horizontally.

    ALLie includes USB port and cable and only takes a minute to install.

    ALLie can connect to your WIFI router to stream and control ALLie Camera.

    Using Bluetooth LE you can control the camera with your Android or Apple iOS powered smartphone or tablet.

    Activate Surveillance mode and turn your ALLie into a full 360 degree Security Camera. Digital zoom and pan.

    No post processing with Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor, ALLie packs processing power to deliver seamless video instantly.

    Record, playback and share seamless 360x360 degree videos with 2048x2048 resolution on each sensor at up to 20 frames per second.

    Share your 360 x 360 degree videos on the most popular video sharing sites including YouTube.

    Communicate through a two way speaker and microphone.

    ALLie Camera comes with a 3-year warranty and free technical support. Purchase with confidence knowing that ALLie is by your side.

    Stay Connected To Your Family
    Zoom & Pan to see what's happening at home and never miss a thing. Join the family around the dinner table even when you are 100's of miles away. See what your Pets do while you're on the road.

    The dual 360 lens camera is used in conjunction with the company's proprietary ALLie App, that seamlessly stitches together the video from the two sensors. Monitoring is achieved via Smartphone or Tablet. To navigate across and around the immersive video image. One can either swipe a finger across the screen or tilt the Smartphone or Tablet that enables the Gyroscopic Motion Sensor to move the image.

    Cloud access
    Your ALLie security videos are all stored, securely, to the cloud. Giving you the ability to go back in time and see what you've missed. Now you can decide how much you want to record, with ALLie's seamless integration with the cloud you can record and save as much information as you'd like.