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  • 360Rize PRO7 VR STARTER BUNDLE - The VR Pros


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    The VR Starter Bundle is a special promotion aimed at jump starting content creators with the essentials for creating interactive 360 video content. The bundle features the innovative hardware and software necessary for mounting multiple cameras, ingesting and managing media from numerous SD cards and stitching together spherical 360 degree video content. Videos produced with the contents of this bundle is fully prepared for sharing online via YouTube, videos.360heros.com or viewed with the industry's latest VR HMDs (Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard, etc.)

    *Kit does not include GoPro Cameras or GoPro accessories* 

    Video Stitch Studio V2

    Free Trial Download (max output 1025 by 512 pixels, 64bit, nVidia graphics card needed): http://www.video-stitch.com/download/

    GPU Processing - Extremely FAST - VideoStitch 1.0.0

    Video Stitch is a GPU based Video Stitcher. A version will be available at no cost upon product delivery. When the Beta package expires you can then purchase the full version from our site. More details will be provided when the software Beta becomes available. This product requires PTGUI to define the 360 stitch then Video Stitch does the actual video stitching via GPU processing. This process is very efficient but requires an NVidia Video Graphics Card.

    360CamMan V2 VR Media Management Software

    Free Trial Download for Mac and PC: http://bit.ly/1Hqk4Cb

    Kit Contents:
    - (1) H3Pro7 Plug-n-Play Holder™ (15% off)
    - (1) 360CamMan V2 VR media management software (15% off)
    - (1) Video Stitch Studio V2 stitching software (20% off)
    - (1) 3/8" Chrome Mount Stand/ monopod attachment (15% off)


    Available for both PC and Mac

    360Heros 360CamMan is a Data File Management Software developed from many hours of painstaking labor in trying to manage large numbers of cameras and files simultaneously. A proven 360 video workflow suite, 360CamMan's 360 video file management and camera file manager tool sets prep your files and allow you to "drag-n-drop" data into your video stitching software. This tool set converts hours of file management into just minutes.


    Pro7 Camera Settings

    360CamMan Technical Specs:

    360 Video Workflow Tools
    - PC and MAC compatibility
    - Mutli-Port USB Readers for automated services
    - Automated Formatting of SD Cards
    - Automated Copy of SD Cards
    - Manage Video Files
    - Manage Time Lapse Photos
    - Video Analyzer, check Camera Setup properties
    - Video Analyzer - checks Frame Counts and easily manages takes
    - Instant Multi-Take Folder and File Manager
    360 Video Tools
    - Convert Video File to 360CamMan file manager format
    - Convert Time Lapse Photos to 360CamMan file manager format
    - Remove GoPro 4Gig file limit and merge files together
    - Build 3D Side-by-Side format for Gear VR and Oculus Rift HMDs
    - Video Optimizer for DK1, DK2, Gear VR, Dome Masters, Web 1K, 2K and 4K
    - Video Sync Calculaltor for Video-Stitch and Kolor Frame Offset from Adobe Premire

    Video Stitch System Requirements
    • Video Stitch Studio version 2 Video Stitch Studio
      Real time preview
      Auto exposure & White balance compensation
      Automatic and manual input synchronization
      PTGui & Hugin templates
      PTGui mask
      Automatic Calibration
      Process MP4, AVI & MOV
      Output videos and image sequences
      Multiple input/output projections
      Orientation adjustment
      Automatic Calibration
      10 bit core stitching engine
      Keyframe adjustments
      Yaw, Pitch, Roll keyframe adjustments (360×180 equirectangular)
      Command line stitching
      Max simultaneous GPU unlimited