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    VideoStitch Studio is a post-production video stitching software that enables you to create immersive 360 VR videos. It takes video files and convert them into a standard 360 video file automatically.

    Real time preview

    What you see is what you get. Preview the result at full resolution and interactively. It also works full-screen.

    Automatic calibration

    Chose one or many frame(s) to automatically generate an optimal stitching template in seconds.

    Use PTGui or Hugin to edit and create stitching templates

    Import the resulting PTGui and Hugin panoramas as templates in VideoStitch.

    Video stabilization

    Record handled, from a vehicle, or even on a roller coaster. The stabilization tool removes camera shaking and vibrations.

    Intuitive orientation control

    Shoot with a total freedom of movement, level your spherical videos in VideoStitch. Simply drag the output video to adjust the camera orientation.

    Automatic exposure compensation

    Compute automatically the best exposure adjustment for a smooth exposure and color blending of the sources video.

    Exposure and color correction keyframes

    Controls for each source video and the 360 output let you edit exposure and color using keyframes.

    Frame accurate synchronization.

    Frame accurate synchronization is the key to successful 360 video recorded from unsynchronized cameras. Automatic flash detection, motion or audio based synchronization. Our full resolution preview updates instantly when you manually adjust synchronization.

    Multi GPU support

    Speed up your 360 video productions by leveraging more graphics cards. Multi-GPU lets you render a single project over multiple GPUs simultaneously, and assign different GPUs for Studio interface and for the batch processor.

    Compatibility with VR headsets and players

    Vahana VR outputs 360×180 full spherical video (aka. equirectangular format) compatible with all VR headsets such as Oculus Rift, all 360 video platforms including Youtube and Littlstar, as well as custom-made video players.